live wild, be kind, do good.

As your friendly digital marketer, planet advocate, and adventure enthusiast, you can be sure I bring that mantra to everything I do.

My first trip abroad set me down the path of environmental work. Exploring and stewarding nature have always been a part of my life, but it was my two months in the Tanzanian bush that bridged my interest in environmental restoration with social justice. When I returned to the states, my appetite for adventure and environmental activism was as insatiable as ever.

I take on freelance writing for interdisciplinary planet advocacy: individual action, sustainability education, conscious consumerism, and critical travel writing. I demand holistic social and environmental justice — because, after all, if sustainability isn’t inclusive, it’s not sustainable.

With that, welcome to my site! Feel free to browse my blog full of travel stories & personal musings — or my portfolio if you’re interested in my past work. If I am the voice you are looking for, reach out below.

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