Aaand off we go!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I will be embarking on a road trip through the southeast. And while I made that announcement a month ago, life has been so hectic that I didn’t even realize I leave in a week!

I’ll post recaps on here under the “Adventure” blog category, but if you’re craving a little more, (shameless plug…) follow my Instagram @mary_meade_ . I’ll be sharing much more frequently there!

Anyways, on to the good stuff. What’s the plan, Stan?

So full disclosure: I will be working full-time during this trip. How am I supposed to work a 9 to 5, Monday – Friday, on the road, you ask? Well 1) I am fortunate enough to be on Washington, D.C. time and that means I work Monday – Thursday. Having Fridays off means I get a whole extra day of ‘splorin — that’s a lot when you’re on the move. And 2) my workplace has let me work remotely for two years, so dialing in and multiple shared docs are my MO. I’ll be doing the same thing with a different view.

I’ve actually been dreaming about working & traveling for over a year now, so this lil trip is going to be a taste of just that.

On to the itinerary…

Current solo road trip plan in America’s SE.

Starting June 13th, I’ll be driving out of Tallahassee to the marvelous city of Atlanta for a weekend of fun with my good friend Lexi. I’ll spend the weekdays hitting up coffee shops and public libraries for wifi to get work done.

After that, I’ll head up to Asheville, TN for the mountains I’ve been craving so much. I’ve never visited and am so excited to see this little town nestled in Appalachia! I’ll spend a little over a week here, staying at hostels and camping on the weekend before I have to head back down to my hometown of Jacksonville, FL.

Why Jacksonville? Well, Mama got us tickets to the Daytona 500, so I’ll be spending my July 4th watching the second most American sport I can think of (after football, of course).

After Jax, I’ll head back to Tallahassee for some time with my beloved kitty, Tushy. (My sister will be taking care of her while I’m gone.) Originally, I had planned this trip to be a perfect counter-clockwise circle from Asheville to Chattanooga to Birmingham, but the things you do for free tickets to the Daytona 500, right?

The plan gets a little blurry post-Tallahassee. I’ll be traveling back up north to Birmingham, AL, to see le beau, Remi. He will be in the midst of his film fellowship, but I’m hoping we will be able to spend a weekend in the Alabama hills together. And if not, Alabama is stinkin’ beautiful.

Finally, I’ll head up to my last must-visit destination, Chattanooga, TN. While I hear it’s a climber’s haven — although I am definitely not a climber — I am excited to get more of the Appalachian foothills. And even more excited to paddle my oru kayak in the river that runs through town.

When I say the plan gets blurry, it’s because I’m not sure what my next move will be after Chattanooga. Will I keep follow the mountains further north? Head back south? That’s to be determined…but I honestly prefer my endings vague and my plans loose.

If you have ANY recommendations for the locations I’ve mentioned above (from eats, to coffee shops, to hikes, and must-see’s) please let me know! I’m especially interested in local digs so I can support the local economy. I will be spending a week in each place, so the more I get to experience, the merrier!

And a lil sumthin’ about goals…

While I’ve managed to skim down on plastic and food waste at home, I have zero intention of backtracking those milestones on the road. I’ll be making this as low waste of a road trip as possible! I’ll also share a lot of my practices and tools on my Instagram with a longer recap here at the end of my trip.

See ya on the road!

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