Ah, Atlanta. You’re just peachy.

Started off my road trip like any classic Mary adventure — three hours late. Made it to Atlanta just in time to strap on some heels and attend a wedding (where I knew no one, but cried into my mac and cheese during the daddy-daughter dance anyways). And then as fast as it had started, Friday was over.

Me at the wedding

I spent the remaining six days in Midtown, so my recommendations will be Midtown specific — I moved my car from it’s parking spot maybe twice since everything is walking distance.

Saturday started off with a delicious breakfast at the Joy Café. I had a breakfast burrito, fried potatoes and some creamy sauce that I am still craving (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name but it was to. die. for.)

Breakfast burrito at Joy Luck Café.

Followed up with some cold brew and a stroll through Paris on Ponce while the food babies settled. Paris on Ponce is a huge vintage store in a warehouse with an eclectic array of furniture and décor. Pick up a cup of your favorite type of coffee from Three Heart Roastery next door and wander the shop! Lexi and I migrated to Piedmont Park and enjoyed people watching and lounging in our hammocks for a couple hours before heading in and having dinner and watching the sunset on a Whole Foods rooftop. Yes I like dining at grocery stores. Come at me.

Sunday was a mix of errands and strolling Barnes & Nobles with at least four books in my hands and being too indecisive to choose a single one. I did meet Lexi’s new roommates, Ahauve and Laurel, who are two of the sweetest, good-natured women I have ever met. (If you’re reading this, thank you for welcoming me into your home! I feel like I have two new friends.)

Monday began my first week of work on the road. Started off at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, which has the most amazing single-origin house drip I have tasted to date. It’s from Rwanda and their black coffee tasted like it was fruit juice squeezed straight from the beans. Highly recommend!

After I spent Tuesday in a coworking space in the same building as Land of a Thousand Hills and had lunch at BareBurger, which is (to my surprise!) a mostly organic and locally sourced burger joint! I walked in ready to forsake my low-waste pledge for the sake of a quick bite and walked out full, happy, and supporting local farms. Stop by if you get the chance!

The next day was less happy…I got a migraine in the morning, so my Wednesday was cut in half and spent the rest of my hours catching up on work.

Boo. My work companion post-migraine.

Thursday was spent at Dancing Goats in Ponce City Market — it had great outdoor seating and the coffee was single-origin, but I wasn’t too big a fan of paying over $10 for parking. Be sure to bring a reusable cup because they only have houseware for their espresso drinks! It’s not that great for working since it’s by the street and the wifi is spotty, but if you’re just having a chat over a cup o’ joe, it’s a sweet joint.

Speaking of chatting over coffee, I took a leap of faith and met an Instagram sustainability-crush: Chelsea, the woman behind @ecoconsciousconsumer! She was just as insightful and kind as her posts make her out to be — we chatted for over an hour over everything from our international travels, to immigration, to sustainability in economics. It was wild. If there’s one thing I’ve taken from this trip so far, it’s take the damn jump and dive into the nitty gritty conversations that make us human…that person you meet might become a new friend.

Chelsea & I

Moving forward to Asheville, I’m excited to continue the intention of making new acquaintances — and perhaps friends — throughout my road trip. Because while the cities I visit are beautiful and full of personality, it’s the people that bring the places to life.

If you want to keep up with the daily drops, follow my Instagram @meade_mary_ ! Next stop, Asheville!

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  1. This is so so so great! What an awesome experience to be able to connect with someone over social media simply because of their shared passions! Best wishes for the rest of your travels, friend!

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